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A two-player exploration mystery game made in Unreal for the Global Game Jam 2017. In which players' only goal is to find each other amidst a vast underwater pantheon.

Can you find your soul mate before you guys stop shining?


Directions to play:

1) Open command line by pressing the key "`" (further top-left key on keyboard)

2) Use command to create game: "open Nate?listen"

3) Use command to join: "open "ip-adress (number of computer)"" WASD to walk Left mouse button to shoot light effect to help you see in the dark and that creates sound to find each other


Global Game Jam page: http://globalgamejam.org/2017/games/illuminary


Luyao Tian, John Haraldstad, Akshay Yewale, Jean-Paul Peschard, Anda Deng, Lalitha Gunda, Nathaniel Kemp, Hayden Smith, Andrew Liu, Minal Luxman Kalkute, Cade Johnson, and Kelle Lima;


Illuminary.zip 288 MB

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