A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Did you ever imagined the 70's + futuristic Sci-Fi? Get ready to Hack the system and kill the enemies on this amazing game. How many levels can you beat?!

Curious? Watch the trailler here:

Team: Kelle Lima, Jean-Paul Peschard, Garin Richards, Bharat Gudihal , Abhinandan Sain, Brian Alexander, Tree Nguyen, Yang Li,and Aaron Desin;

Install instructions

Download > unzip > double-click the '.exe' file!

* Press any key to start;

* Press 'H' to hack and deal with each wave on enemies;

* Right click on mouse to Melee attack and deflect bullets;

* Left click on mouse to shoot;

* AWD keys to move;


Mac_Build.app.zip 32 MB
TheManV1.1.zip 30 MB

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